University Supervisor Evaluation

Thank you for your input and support of our undergraduate teacher education program at FGCU.

*What is the current semester?

What Level is your Student Teacher?

Please mark YES or NO for each of the statements below.

Met with me within a week of the student teacher's arrival in the classroom.
Directed me to the Internship website for necessary resources.
Conferred with me if changes had to be made to the FGCU student schedule and established internship policies.
Established a professional rapport with me.
Observed the student teacher at least four times during the placement.
Conducted the post-observation conference with the student private.
Worked with me as a team to support the developing skills of the FGCU student teacher.
Was knowledgeable about diverse learners in the classroom and appropriate instructional strategies for that population.
Was supportive of the FGCU student teacher.
Completed the evaluation forms with input from me.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?