Becoming an Canvas Community Editor implies understanding and acknowledgement of the following:
  1. You have sufficient familiarity with basic Canvas functions and features to be able to meet the requirements of a Canvas Community Teacher, or will obtain training in order to meet these requirements. At a minimum, you are familiar with how to add and remove community participants and make the community available or unavailable to community participants.
  2. You take responsibility for your data. Any institutional data that over time is considered mission critical must be maintained in a format outside of Canvas that will meet these critical institutional requirements.
  3. You are familiar with the resources available to assist you in properly setting up a Canvas Community so that it meets your requirements in terms of function, security, and stability.
  4. You agree to work with the Digital Learning department to review your Community usage.
  5. If your Community Teacher(s) changes, you will notify the Digital Learning team.
  6. Students requesting Community will do so through a faculty or staff member.
  7. You agree to abide by the policies and procedures set forth in Florida Gulf Coast University's Technology Acceptable Use Policy and Procedure. Further, Canvas Conversations is governed by FGCU email policies set forth in the Email Policy.
*I agree to the terms listed above.