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The Center for Academic Achievement provides an opportunity for faculty, staff, organizations, and departments to request presentations. 4 Weeks notice is required so we can accommodate your request.
We would love the opportunity:

·        To coach students on academic skills

·        To introduce them to a current topic of interest

·        To provide information on ways to enhance the educational experience

Professors - rather than cancel class while you are attending a conference, request the CAA to present to your class.
Students - do you want your club/organization to learn key tools for academic success?  Request the CAA to present to your group.

         We strive to meet each request however we cannot guarantee these services.
          * We do not "substitute" or teach professor's lesson plans.
      *We ask that ALL Workshops and Guest Presentations begin no later than 6:00pm. 
***DEADLINE for Guest
Presentations for Spring 2020 is April 13th, 2020.  We will no longer be presenting for the Spring 2020 term after this date.****