New User to a Current Extension 

Items with a (*) are required
*What is the current extension of the phone?
(Last 4 digits) Ex. (1125)
*Will this user require Voice Mail?
*What is the Voice Mail's escape extension?
(What extension to forward the caller to if they press zero (i.e. Front Desk?)
*Will this phone require any additional features?
Employee Information Section:
*Did this new user transfer from another department, or is this user a new employee?
What is the users old extension from the Department that he or she transferred from?
*User's UIN Number

(*If you do not have this number, please enter in (9) 1's, so 111111111)

*Please fill out the section below for the directory listing
[COLLEGE OF XXXXX] [Room Number]
Requestors Information Section:
*Extension that we can contact you if needed
*Banner Index Number
(6 Digit Account Number) Ex.(201100)
Comments/Additional Information
*By checking the box below, you acknowledge that you have departmental authorization to request Telecommunication changes. I further acknowledge that I am aware that my department may incur additional charges based upon the services requested on this form. Once you select "Submit", if you do not see a picture of our department thanking you for filling out the form, and it brings you back to the form, your form WAS NOT submitted. Please correct the errors on the form labeled in red formatting, and try submitting again until you see the picture as last described.