Technology Skills Self-Assessment

Academic Level

Please indicate if you are able to complete the following tasks for each of the identified areas of technology skills.
Basic Computer Operations and Concepts
YesNoI don't know
Can you locate and open software applications, such as Microsoft Word, or Google Chrome?
Can you switch between software applications?
Can you save files to the hard drive, cloud, or removable storage such as a jump drive?
Can you install and update software applications on a computer?
Can you install peripheral devices, such as a printer or webcam, onto a computer?
Can you exit or quit software applications?
Can you properly shut down a computer?

Microsoft Word and Word Processing Skills
YesNoI don't know
Can you create a new document?
Can you save a document?
Can you cut, copy and paste text?
Can you change font style and size?
Can you utilize spell-check?
Can you center text?
Can you change the line spacing in a document?
Can you set margins?
Can you change the page orientation from portrait to landscape?
Can you include page numbers?
Can you use headers and footers?
Can you create numbered and bulleted lists?
Can you create a table?
Can you insert graphics, images, or clip art?

Microsoft Excel and Spreadsheet Skills
YesNoI don't know
Have you ever used Excel?
Can you use the Formula Bar to perform mathematical calculations?
Can you use the built-in Function capability to create equations?
Can you create charts?
Can you sort and filter information?

YesNoI don't know
Can you connect your computer or devise to the internet?
Can you go to a website when given the web address (URL)?
Can you use a browser's features to go back, forward, reload/refresh, and print?
Can you use a web browser to follow links to another webpage or website?
Can you save a website address in the bookmarks or favorites?
Can you copy a web address and share it?
Can you conduct an effective search for specific information using Google or similar websites?
Can you evaluate web content for accuracy and relevancy?
Can you download and save files, such as graphics, documents, or PDFs, from the Internet?
Can you download and install software from the Internet?

YesNoI don't know
Do you know how to activate your student email account?
Can you access and open email messages?
Can you compose and send email messages?
Can you reply to, and forward an email message?
Can you manage your email by moving messages between folders and deleting messages?
Can you send attachments through email?

YesNoI don't know
Have you logged into Canvas?
Can you manage your Canvas Notifications preferences?
Can you read, respond to, and post messages on the discussion board in Canvas?
Can you locate and view the course syllabus within Canvas?
Can you read Inbox communication within Canvas?
Can you send and receive attachments through Canvas Inbox communication?
Can you upload/download files to and from Canvas?
Can you submit an assignment to the drop box?
Can you chat in an Canvas Chat Room?
Can you view your grades within Canvas?