COE Child and Youth Internship Experience
It is our goal to place FGCU candidates into internship environments that allow them to grow in their knowledge, skills, and dispositions.  The purpose of these comments is to help us assess the quality of the overall experience that was gained.  The comments are categorized by: internship site supervisor, university supervisor and internship office.
Please select the current semester:
*The Site Supervisor Provided a Positive Internship Experience by...
N/AStrongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
Reviewing lesson plans and giving me constructive feedback (if applicable).
Helping me analyze and reflect upon my experience using current research and theory.
Gradually allow me to assume full responsibility at the internship site.
Establishing a professional rapport with me.
Being a mentor.
Including me to be part of the placement community.
Being accessible to discuss teaching and learning issues.
Willingly sharing ideas and materials
Encouraging me to try new ideas
Providing verbal and written feedback on my performance at the internship.
Communicating on a regular basis with the university supervisor.
Discussing my evaluations with me as a professional.
Supporting my assignments and work.
Having a positive attitude my experience.
Creating a positive environment.
Being an effective manager/supervisor.
Being organized and well-prepared to work on the duties as assigned.
Using instructional techniques that supported University’s teachings.
Using a variety of assessment data to drive instruction.
Being knowledgeable in the subject areas.
Providing purposeful work for child and youth to complete.
Keeping child and youth engaged in lessons/activities.
Working well with families.
Working well with colleagues.
*The University Supervisor Provided a Positive Internship Experience by….
N/AStrongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
Reviewing the syllabus and discussing expectations.
Following the syllabus.
Reviewing lesson plans according to requirements and giving constructive feedback (if applicable).
Conducting three seminars over the semester.
Conducting the seminars on informative topics allowing for discussions.
Being knowledgeable about diverse learners , using appropriate instructional strategies for that population.
Helping me analyze and reflect on classroom experiences using current research and theory.
Helping me develop personal and professional goals that will foster in me professional attitudes and behaviors toward my future.
Having a positive attitude towards teaching and supervising.
Being a the classroom.
Observing a minimum of two formal observations.
Observing a minimum of one to three informal observations..
Establishing a professional rapport with me.
Working with the site supervisor as a team to support my developing skills as a future professional.
Providing me with written and verbal feedback in post-observation conferences.
Being accessible to discuss issues regarding the internship.
Being supportive of me as a FGCU student.
Acting as an observer during the visits and not interrupting or taking over.
Conducting the required post-observation conferences in private.
Discussing the interim and final formal observations.
Supporting the development of my assignments as needed.
Being knowledgeable in the subjects I taught.
Demonstrating knowledge of best teaching strategies and practices.
*The Internship Office and/or Coordinator Provided a Positive Internship Experience by….
N/AStrongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
Making information available that was accessible through the Internship.
Designing a syllabus that was easy to follow.
Setting internship expectations that were clear.
Sending instructions and reminders through electronic correspondence that were helpful.
Being accessible by phone or e-mail.
Treating me with respect and concern.
Being available to assist me if and when needed.
Being knowledgeable.
Being effective.
Being positive.
Selecting placements that were satisfactory.
Selecting placements that supported diversity.
Giving me a meaningful educational experience.
Holding an orientation and biweekly seminars that were very informative.
Selecting topics in Senior Seminar that were meaningful to the internship and future career.
Hosting guest speakers that were very knowledgeable and well- prepared.
Supplying me with experiences that supported readiness for my future career.
Additional Comments: