Cell Phone Program

Cell phone use for University business is governed by the Florida Gulf Coast University Cell Phone Policy.

Cellular telephones are often convenient and/or necessary for employees to carry out their work responsibilities. The costs associated with these devices are significant and need proper departmental management. Additionally, such devices are subject to scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service and State Auditors who expect that costs incurred by cell phones are only for official university business. Therefore, FGCU is adopting this new cell phone procedure to provide guidance on options that university departments have in providing cell phones to employees and the responsibilities everyone has with regard to the use of cell phones.

There are three options for using a cell phone for university business.

  • Option 1: Monetary allowance for employee owned cell phone (Stipend)
  • Option 2: University provided cell phone
  • Option 3: Reimbursement for business calls on a personal cell phone

If Option 1 is chosen, a cell phone allowance form must be completed, in addition to the other administrative procedures outlined in the cell phone policy mentioned earlier. When you have completed this form, you need to bring it to your departments director for approval, and then file it with Human Resources. 

If Option 2 is selected, please fill out the sections below and a member from the Telecommunications Department will contact you. The FGCU cell phone policy limits these cell phones to business use only and can be monitored if requested to do so.

If Option 3 is selected, this can be handled administratively within the respective University department.

FGCU Employee Discounts for Personally Owned Cell Phones

If you have a personal cell phone plan, the following service providers offer discounts to FGCU employees. The discounts extend to current and new customers. Please use the appropriate links and follow their specific instructions.


University Provided Cell Phone Section
(Items marked with an (*) are required)
*Is this request for an individual, or a Department?
*What type of device(s) would you be interested in? (Models vary)
Requestors Information Section
*Extension we can contact you if needed
Comments/Additional Information
*By checking the box below, you acknowledge that you have departmental authorization to request Telecommunication changes. I further acknowledge that I am aware that my department may incur additional charges based upon the services requested on this form. Once you select "Submit", if you do not see a picture of our department thanking you for filling out the form, and it brings you back to the form, your form WAS NOT submitted. Please correct the errrors on the form labeled in red formatting, and try submitting agian until you see the picture as last described.