Welcome to the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC). FURC is one of the nation's largest multi-disciplinary research conferences highlighting the exceptional work that students undertake as undergraduates. This annual event is open to all undergraduate academic and creative scholars in the state of Florida. Every year, the conference is hosted at a different college or university in the state, and this year Azul is thrilled to host this year's biggest geek fest in Florida. In addition to presenting your research, the conference boasts some of the best networking opportunities with fellow student researchers, graduate programs, and potential employers across the country as well as professional development workshops.

We at Florida Gulf Coast University are so proud to host the 10th annual conference. It will be our honor to bring you to campus, where you will then show off the very best student scholarship. Looking forward to seeing you in Southwest Florida this coming February!


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Lead Presenter
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Lead Presenter
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Primary Mentor - Additional faculty mentors can be added below if desired.
Primary Mentor - Additional faculty mentors can be added below if desired.
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Would you like to be considered for an oral or performative presentation?
We are exploring the possibility of piloting some talks and performances at FURC 2020 with the goal of making the conference fully inclusive of all disciplines. If we are able to accommodate this format, then preference will be given to those disciplines (e.g., humanities and performative arts) that only give performances and/ or oral talks at their academic conferences.

If you express interest, then we will contact you at a later point about the status of this opportunity and whether we will be able to host performances and talks.
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