The mission of the FGCUScholars Ambassador Program is to empower student leaders to assist peers in developing stronger critical thinking, information literacy, and writing skills as these students mature into scholars within their majors. FGCUScholars Ambassadors also help students realize more meaningful and representative experiences within their college and university, such as engagement in undergraduate research, creative endeavors, and other scholarly and professional development experiences. The Ambassadors act as officers for the FGCUScholars RSO, disseminating scholarly opportunities and acting as a peer mentor to engage other students in scholarly activities. FGCUScholars Ambassadors will develop programing and opportunities that align with the Quality Enhancement Plan (FGCUScholars: Think – Discover – Write) as well as help to define the university experience through the RSO. These programs will be designed to educate students on FGCUScholars/QEP initiatives, engage students in participatory events with others, provide students with tools that they need to succeed academically, and gauge student interests and perspectives pertaining to their education. For additional information about FGCUScholars and the Office of Undergraduate Scholarship, please visit

Minimum Qualifications for Selection:
• Applicant must be a Florida Gulf Coast University student enrolled full-time in an
undergraduate or graduate, in any degree program or even undeclared.
• Applicant must be able to commit to the Program for a minimum of one full academic year.
• A 3.0 accumulative grade point average (GPA) is required.
• Applicant must be in good standing with the University (i.e., not currently on disciplinary or
academic probation).
• This is a new emerging effort, and you will have the chance to create. As a result, an
applicant must possess strong written and verbal communication skills, the ability to
work independently and collaboratively, and the ability to be patient, flexible, and have
a great sense of humor.
• Upon selection, all students in the program are expected to attend mandatory ambassador
trainings, orientations, and meetings.

Upon selection, all students in the Program are expected to perform a variety of duties, including:
o Planning FGCUScholars RSO meetings & events
o Attending FGCUScholars RSO meetings
o Creating and executing workshops 1x semester (student participated, developed, and/or
o Serving as a positive representative of the University, the Offices of Undergraduate
Studies and Undergraduate Scholarship, and themselves.
o Acting as a peer-mentor to student seeking improvement through scholarly opportunities
o Being a voice for their college and peers

Time Commitment:
FGCUScholars Ambassadors will be expected to devote 1-3 hours per week (more on special occasions)
for 16 weeks in the fall semester (August – December) and 16 weeks in the spring semester (January –
May). There will also be opportunities to work in the summer, availability permitting.

Students who are selected to participate in the program will be compensated with Service-Learning
hours to be credited toward graduation requirement.

Application Process and Timeline:
1. Read through the program description, responsibilities, and expectations above.
2. Submit application to the Office of Undergraduate Scholarship by either emailing it to or by bringing a printed copy to our office at Edwards Hall 214B.
Include with your application:
I. Completed application (found below).
II. A cover letter describing your interest in the program, the value that you can bring to
this effort, the leadership qualities that you possess, and your vision for the future
of student experiences at FGCU.
III. Current resume or CV
IV. Contact information of FGCU faculty, staff, or mentor that can be contacted for a
3. Once you complete your application, please submit it ASAP to be considered.
4. Potential interviews may take place 1-2 weeks after your application is
5. Final decisions will be made within a week of your interview, unless notified otherwise.

DEADLINE for application submissions: September 20, 2019 at 11:59 pm.