Welcome New Eagles!

As an incoming first-year student, your first class schedule will be created for you prior to your Eagle View Orientation session. This process allows us to place you into courses that align with your major and interests. This survey will provide us with information about your interests and preferences, helping us to build a schedule for you that contains the courses you need, but also courses that you will enjoy!

The results of this survey do not guarantee that you will be placed only in courses that you request. All course registration is subject to the availability of the class, prerequisites, and relevance to your major curriculum.

You will have an opportunity to make changes to your schedule during and after your Orientation session. 

You will only have one opportunity to complete this pre-registration survey, so please make sure you allocate at least 30 minutes to do so.

Please make sure you answer questions in order, as there are specific branches set up in this survey based on your responses.

We look forward to working with you!

Wings Up,

The Exploratory Advising Team